Publicaciones académicas del Departamento de Ciencias Ecológicas

Biología evolutiva

  1. Comparing vector competence of Mepraia gajardoi and Triatoma infestans by genotyping Trypanosoma cruzi discrete typing units present in naturally infected Octodon degus”           
    Sandoval-Rodríguez A., Rojo G., López A., Ortíz S., Saavedra M., Botto-Mahan C., Cattan P. E., Solari A.
    Acta Tropica, 190: 119 – 122 (2019)
  2. Spatio-temporal characterization of Trypanosoma cruzi infection and discrete typing units infecting hosts and vectors from non-domestic foci of Central Chile
    Ihle-Soto C., Costoya E., Correa J. P., Bacigalupo A., Cornejo-Villar B., Estadella V., Solari A., Ortiz S., Hernández H. J., Botto-Mahan C., Gorla D. E., Cattan P. E.
    PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 13: e7170 (2019)
  3. Helminth infection in three native rodent species from a semiarid-Mediterranean ecosystem”       
    Yáñez-Meza A., Landaeta-Aqueveque C., Quiroga N.,  Botto-Mahan C.
    Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Parasitoloy, 28: 119 – 125 (2019)
  4. Survivorship of wild caught Mepraia spinolai nymphs: the effect of seasonality and Trypanosoma cruzi infection after feeding and fasting in the laboratory”      
    McCabe A., Yañez F., Pinto R., López A., Ortiz S., Muñoz-San Martin C., Botto-Mahan C., Solari A.
    Infection, Genetics, and Evolution, 71: 197 – 204 (2019)
  5. Potential impact of climate change on geographical distribution of two wild vectors of Chagas disease in Chile: Mepraia spinolai and Mepraia gajardoi”    
    Garrido R., Bacigalupo A., Peña-Gómez F., Bustamante R. O., Cattan P. E., Gorla D., Botto-Mahan C.
    Parasites & Vectors, 12: 478 (2019)
  6. Is the same pollinator species equally effective in different populations of the generalist herb Alstroemeria ligtu var. simsii?”      
    Ramírez M. M., González A. V.
    Gayana Botanica. 76(1): 109 - 114 (2019)
  7. Meta-analysis of the differential effects of habitat fragmentation and degradation on plant genetic diversity
    González A. V., Gómez-Silva V., Ramírez M. J., Fontúrbel F. E.
    Conservation Biology. 43(3), 711 - 720 (2019)
  8. Is there spatial variation in phenotypic selection on floral traits in a generalist plant–pollinator system?” 
    González A. V., González-Browne C., Salinas P., Murúa M.
    Evolutionary Ecology, 33 (5) 687 – 700 (2019)
  9. “Global agricultural productivity is threatened by increasing pollinator dependence without a parallel increase in crop diversification”
    Aizen M. A., Aguiar S., Biesmeijer J. C., Garibaldi L. A., Inouye D. W., Jung C., Martins D. J., Medel R., Morales C. L., Ngo H., Pauw A., Paxton R., Sáez A., Seymour C.
    Global Change Biology. 25(10), 3516 - 3527 (2019)
  10. Efecto de la transformación del hábitat por plantaciones forestales sobre las interacciones mutualistas del muérdago Tristerix corymbosus”    
    Fontúrbel F. E., Vega-Retter C., Medel R.
    Páginas 417-426 en: Smith-Ramírez C. & F. Squeo (eds.), Biodiversidad y Ecología de los Bosques Costeros de Chile. Editorial Universidad de Los Lagos (2019)
  11. "Taxonomic and systematic implications of the revision of the phylogenetic relations in the genus Ectinogonia (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) of central Chile"
    Anguita-Salinas S., Barahona-Segovia R., Poulin E., Zuñiga-Reinoso A.
    Zootaxa, 4603: 159 - 171 (2019)
  12. "Ecological and social correlates of natal dispersal in female and male Thorn-tailed rayaditos (Aphrastura spinicauda) in a naturally isolated and fragmented habitat"
    Botero-Delgadillo E., Quirici V., Poblete Y., Cuevas E., Kuhn S., Girg A., Poulin E., Kempenaers B., Vásquez R. A.
    The Auk: Ornithological Advances, Volume 136 (2), ukz016 (2019)
  13. "A Field Guide to Coastal Echinoderms of the Kerguelen Islands"
    Féral J.P., Poulin E., Améziane N., Saucède T.
    Zoosymposia, 15: 033 – 043 (2019)
  14. "Long-term monitoring of costal benthic habitats in the Kerguelen islands, a legacy of decades of marine biologiy research"
    Féral J.P., Poulin E., Améziane N., Saucède T.
    in: Welsford, D., J. Dell and G. Duhamel (Eds). The Kerguelen Plateau: marine ecosystem and fisheries. Proceedings of the Second Symposium. Australian Antarctic Division, Kingston, Tasmania, Australia. Pp. 95 - 116 in: 383 – 402 (2019)
  15. More than the eye can see: genomics challenging our conception of biogeographical barriers and species classification in birds
    Frugone M. J., López M. E., Cole T. L., Lowther A., Pistorius P., Dantas G., Petry M. V., Bonadonna F., Trathan P. N., Polanowski A., Wienecke B., Segovia N. I., Ke B.i, Wang- Claypool C. Y., Waters J., Bowie R., Poulin E., Vianna J.
    Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 139: 106563 (2019)
  16. Antarctic and sub-Antarctic Nacella limpets: novel evolutionary characteristics of mitochondrial genomes in Patellogastropoda
    Gaitán-Espitia J. G., González-Wevar C. A., Poulin E., Cardenas L.
    Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 131: 1 – 7 (2019)
  17. Cryptic speciation in Southern Ocean Aequiyoldia eightsii (Jay, 1839): Mio-Pliocene trans-Drake separation and diversification” 
    González-Wevar C., Gérard K., Rosenfeld S., Saucède T., Naretto J., Díaz A., Morley S., Brickle P., Poulin E.
    Progress in Oceanography 174: 44 – 54 (2019)
  18. Assessing cross-species transmission of hemoplasmas at the wild-domestic felid interface in Chile using genetic and landscape variables analysis” 
    Sacristan I., Acuña F., Aguilar E., Garcia S., López M. J., Cevidanes A., Cabello J., Hidalgo-Hermoso E., Johnson W. E., Poulin E., Millan J., Napolitano C.
    Sicentific Reports. 9: 16816 (2019)
  19. Systematic revision of Nacella (Patellogastropoda: Nacellidae) based on a complete phylogeny of the genus, with the description of a new species from the southern tip of South America
    González-Wevar C. A., Hüne M., Rosenfeld S., Nakano T., Saucède T., Spencer H. G., Poulin E.
    Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 186: 303 – 336 (2019)
  20. Distribution of the genus Boeckella (Copepoda: Centropagidae) at high latitudes in South America and the main Antarctic biogeographic regions
    Maturana C .S., Rosenfeld S., Naretto J., Convey P., Poulin E.
    Zookeys, 854: 1 – 15 (2019)
  21. Genetic diversity and demographic history of the endemic southeastern Pacific sea urchin Arbacia spatuligera (Valenciennes 1846)”   
    Millán-Medina C., Díaz A., Poulin E., Merino-Yunnissi C., Martínez A.
    Gayana, 83: 81 – 92 (2019)
  22. "Molecular and Serologic Survey of Pathogens in an Endangered Andean Cat (Leopardus jacobita) of the High Andes of Bolivia"
    Napolitano C., Sacristan I., Beltrán-Saavedra F., Limachi-Quiñajo R., Poulin E.
    Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 55: 242 - 245 (2019)
  23. Molecular and serological survey of feline pathogens in free-roaming domestic cats of rural communities in southern Chile
    Sacristán I., Acuña F., Aguilar E., García S., López M. J., Cevidanes A., Hidalgo-Hermoso E., Cabello J., Vahlenkamp T., Millán J., Poulin E., Napolitano C.
    The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, 81: 1740 – 1748 (2019)
  24. “Linking phylogenetics and Iandscape drivers to understand the epidemiology of hemoplasmas at the wild-domestic felid interface in Chile”
    Sacristán I., Acuña F., Aguilar E., García S., López M. J., Cevidanes A., Cabello J., Hidalgo-Hermoso E., Johnson W. E., Millán J., Poulin E., Napolitano C.
    Sci Rep 9, 16816 (2019)
  25. Phylogeny, divergence times, and species delimitation of Tonicia (Polyplacophora: Chitonidae) from the Eastern Pacific Ocean
    Ibáñez C. M., Eernisse D. J., Méndez M. A., Valladares M., Sellanes J., Sirenko B., Pardo- Gandarillas M. C.
    Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 186(4), 915 – 933 (2019)
  26. Morphological and molecular analysis of cryptic native and invasive freshwater snails in Chile
    Collado G. A. , Vidal M. A.,. Aguayo K., Méndez M. A., Valladares M. A. , Cabrera F. , Pastenes L. , Gutiérrez-Gregoric D.,  Puillandre N.
    Scientific Reports. 9: 7846 (2019)
  27. Sugerencias para mejorar la regulación chilena de manipulación de vertebrados terrestres en poblaciones naturales en el contexto de investigaciones científicas
    D’Elía G., Jaksic F., Bacigalupe L., Bozinovic F., Canto J., Correa C., Fontúrbel F., Lisón F., Méndez M. A., Nespolo R., Opazo J., Palma R. E., Rau J., Rodríguez S., Rodríguez-Serrano E., Sabat P., Vásquez R.,  Victoriano P.
    Gayana 83(1): 63 – 67 (2019)
  28. Assessment and Interpretation of Negative Forelimb Allometry in the Evolution Of Non-Avian Theropoda”           
    Palma J., Soto-Acuña S., Méndez M. A. , Vargas A. O.
    Frontiers in Zoology 16:44 (2019)
  29. Seasonal modulation of the adrenocortical stress responses in chilean populations of Zonotrichia capensis”           
    Clark A. D., Addis E. A., Vásquez R. A., Wingfield J. C.
    Journal of Ornithology 160 (1): 61 – 70 (2019)
  30. Age and terminal reproductive attempt influence laying date in the thorn-tailed rayadito” 
    Quirici V., Cuevas E., Botero-Delgadillo E., Espíndola-Hernandez P., Hammers M., Vásquez R. A.
    Journal of Avian Biology. 50(10) (2019)
  31. Effects of traffic noise exposure on corticosterone, glutathione and tonic immobility in chicks of a precocial bird”  
    Flores R., Penna M., Wingfield J. C., Cuevas E., Vásquez R. A., Quirici V.
    Conservation Physiology 7: Article Number: coz061 (2019)
  32. “Hybridization and polyploidy in the weeping lizard Liolaemus chiliensis (Squamata: Liolaemidae)”        
    Araya-Donoso R., Torres-pérez F., Lamborot M., Véliz D.
    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 128, 963 - 974 (2019)
  33. “Identifying genetic lineages through shape: an example in a cosmopolitan marine turtle species using geometric morphometrics”         
    Álvarez-Varas R., Véliz D., Vélez-Rubio G. M., Fallabrino A., Zárate P., Heidemeyer M., Godoy D. A., Benítez H. A.
    PLoS ONE. 14(10): e0223587 (2019)
  34. “Isolation on a remote island: genetic and morphological differentiation of a cosmopolitan odonate”      
    Alvial I., Vargas H., Marinov M., Esquivel C., Araya J., Araya-Donoso R., Vila I., Véliz D.
    Heredity. 122: 893 - 905 (2019)
  35. Bacterial Communities Associated With Spherical Nostoc Macrocolonies”     
    Aguilar P., Dorador C., Vila I., Sommaruga R.
    Frontiers in Microbiology. 10: 483 (2019)
  36. Homogenization of the freshwater fish fauna of the biogeographic regions of Chile
    Rojas P., Vila I., Habit E., Castro S. A.
    Global Ecology and Conservation. 19: e00658 (2019)
  37. “Environmental and demographical factors influence the spatial genetic structure of an intertidal barnacle in central-northern Chile”     
    Barahona M., Broitman B. R., Faugeron S., Jaugeon L., Ospina-Álvarez A., Véliz D., Navarrete S. A.
    Marine Ecology Progress Series. 612: 151 - 165 (2019)
  38. “Selection of suitable reference genes for gene expression analysis in gills and liver of fish under field pollution conditions”          
    Rojas-Hernández N., Véliz D., Vega-Retter C.
    Reports. 9: 3459 (2019)
  39. The hidden costs of living in a transformed habitat: Ecological and evolutionary consequences in a tripartite mutualistic system with a keystone mistletoe”    
    Fonturbel F. E., Bruford M. W., Salazar D. E., Cortes-Miranda J., Vega-Retter C.
    Science of the Total Environment 651: 2740 – 2748 (2019)

Ecofisiología animal

  1. Oxidative status and metabolic profile in a long-lived bird preparing for extreme endurance migration
    Gutiérrez J. S., Sabat P., Castañeda L. E. 
    Sci Rep 9, 17616 (2019)
  2. Ecoimmunology in degus: interplay among diet, immune response, and oxidative stress
    Ramirez-Otarola N., Sarria M., Rivera D. S,. Sabat P., Bozinovic F.
    J. Comp. Phys. B. 189: 143 (2019)
  3. Estimating the isotopic niche of males and females of false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens) from Magellan Strait, Chile
    Haro D., Riccialdelli L., Blank O., Matus R., Sabat P.
    Marine Mammal Science. 35(3): 1070 - 1082 (2019)
  4. Individual diet specialisation in sparrows is driven by phenotypic plasticity in traits related to tradeoffs in animal performance”          
    Maldonado K., Newsome S. D., Razeto‐Barry P., Ríos J. M., Piriz G., Sabat P.
    Ecology Letters. 22: 128 - 137 (2019)
  5. “Response to lipopolysaccharide in Octodon Degus Pups produces age-related sickness behavior but does not have effects injuveniles response to antigen in Octodon degus Pups”        
    Ramirez ‐ Otarola N., Espinoza J. , Kalergis A. M., Sabat P
    Integrative Zoology. 3: 235 - 247 (2019)
  6. The interplay between ambient temperature and salt intake affects oxidative status and immune responses in a ubiquitous Neotropical passerine, the rufous-collared sparrow
    Sabat P., Bozinovic F., Contreras-Ramos C., Nespolo R. F., Newsome S. D., Quirici V., Maldonado K., Peña-Villalobos I., Ramirez-Otarola N., Sanchez-Hernández J. C. 
    Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: 234: 50–59 (2019)
  7. One hundred mitochondrial genomes of cicadas
    Lukasik P., Chong R. A., Nazario K., Matsuura Y., Bublitz D., Campbell M. A., Meyer M., Van Leuven J. T., Pessacq P., Veloso C., Simon C., Mccutcheon J. P.     
    Journal of Heredity 110(2): 247 – 256 (2019)
  8. Anthropogenic thermal gradient in managed landscapes determines physiological performance and explains the edge-biased distribution of ectothermic arthropods
    Barahona-Segovia R. M., Crespin S. J., Grez A. A., Veloso C.
    Forest Ecology and Management.  440: 147 - 157 (2019)
  9. Off-target capture data, endosymbiont genes and morphology reveal a relict lineage sister to all other singing cicadas
    Simon C., Gordon E. R. L., Moulds M. S., Cole J. A., Haji D., Lemmon A. R., Moriarty-Lemmon E., Kortyna M., Nazario K., Wade E. J., Meister R. C., Goemans G., Chiswell S. M., Pessacq P., Veloso C., Mccutcheon J. P., Lukasik P.
    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 128 (4), 865 - 886 (2019)

Conservación biológica

  1. Acacia dealbata invasion in Chile: Surprises from climatic niche and species distribution models”  
    Langdon B., Pauchard A., Bustamante R. O.
    Ecology and Evolution. 9: 1 – 12 (2019)
  2. Efecto de las áreas de entrenamiento y método del árbol para una clasificación precisa en bosques primarios de Araucaria y Nothofagus en el Sur de Chile: uso de datos Landsat e información auxiliar”         
    Ojeda Ojeda N., Herrera Machuca M., Bustamante Araya R., Morales Salinas L., Carrillo Lopez R., Bravo Ramírez L., Espinosa Sepúlveda A., Neira Ceballos Z., Calzadilla Albornoz S., San-Miguel Ayanz J.
    Interciencia 44: 347 – 354 (2019)
  3. Niches and climate-change refugia in hundreds of species from one of the most arid places on Earth”       
    Duarte M., Guerrero P. C., K. Arroyo M. T., Bustamante R. O.
    PeerJ 7:e7409 DOI 10.7717/peerj.7409. (2019)
  4. Maintaining close canopy cover prevents the invasion of Pinus radiata: Basic ecology to manage native forest invasibility”    
    Gómez P., Murúa M., San Martín J., Goncalves E., Bustamante R. O.
    PLoS ONE 14: e0210849. (2019)
  5. Aves acuáticas en Laguna Petrel: análisis estacional de su abundancia y una propuesta para la conservación
    Mella-Romero J., Peña-Villalobos I., Sallaberry M.
    Boletín Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, 67(2): 77 - 89 (2019)
  6. Reconciling farming and wild nature: integrating human- wildlife coexistence into the land-sharing and land-sparing framework ”   
    Crespín S. J., Simonetti J. A.
    Ambio 48: 131 - 138 (2019)
  7. The urban matrix matters: quantifying the effects of surrounding urban vegetation on natural habitat remnants in Santiago de Chile
    Fernández I., Wu J., Simonetti J.A.
    Landscape and Urban Planning 187: 181 - 190 (2019)
  8. Shifting gears for the use of the shifting baseline syndrome in ecological restoration
    Guerrero-Gatica M., Aliste E., Simonetti J. A.
    Sustainability 11, 1458 (2019)
  9. Partial and complete leucism in two Abrothrix species (Rodentia; Cricetidae) from central Chile”   
    Rubio A. V., Simonetti J. A.
    Mammalia 83: 100 – 102 (2019)
  10. Variation in the prevalence and abundance of mites parasitizing abrothrix olivacea (Rodentia) in the native forest and pinus radiata plantations in central Chile”      
    Veloso-Frías J., Silva-De La Fuente M. C., Rubio A. V., Moreno L., González-Acuña D., Simonetti J. A., Landaeta-Aqueveque C.
    Hystrix-Italian Journal of Mammalogy. 30(2): 107 – 111 (2019)
  11. Protocolo para la evaluación del riesgo de colapso de los ecosistemas: Caso de estudio del bosque espinoso (espinal) en la zona central de Chile”         
    Pliscoff P., Simonetti J., Asmussen M.
    Revista Geografía Norte Grande 73: 29 - 56 (2019)
  12. Why would new protected areas be accepted or rejected by the public?: lessons from an ex-ante evaluation of the new Patagonia Park Network in Chile ”      
    Zorondo-Rodríguez F., Díaz M., Simonetti-Grez G., Simonetti J. A.
    Land Use Policy 89: 104248 (2019)
  13. Exotic pine plantations (Pinus radiata) do not increase Andes virus prevalence in rodents”  
    Rubio A. V., Fredes F., Simonetti J. A.
    EcoHealth 16: 659 - 670 (2019)
  14. Carnivore-livestock conflict and its ecological correlates
    Ugarte C., Moreira-Arce D., Simonetti J. A.
    Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7: 433 (2019)
  15. Knowledge and use of native edible plants in a monoculture plantation-dominated landscape”     
    Parra S., Folchi M., Simonetti J. A.
    Journal of Ethnobiology 39: 566 - 582 (2019)
  16. Fauna terrestre de Isla Riesco, Magallanes: una revisión bibliográfica
    Simonetti J. A., Stipicic G. J.
    Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia 47: 7 - 18 (2019)

Genética y Microbiología                  

  1. Characterization of gelatinase produced by Antarctic Mrakia sp”        
    Yuivar Y., Alcaíno J., Cifuentes V., Baeza M.
    J. Basic Microbiol 1 - 7 (2019)
  2. Sterol Regulatory Element-Binding Protein (Sre1) promotes the synthesis of carotenoids and sterols in Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous
    Gutiérrez M. S., Campusano S., González A. M., Gómez M., Barahona S., Sepúlveda D., Espenshade P. J., Fernández-Lobato M., Baeza M., Cifuentes V., Alcaíno J.
    Front. Microbiol. 10: 586 (2019)
  3. Pectinase secreted by psychrotolerant fungi: identification, molecular characterization and heterologous expression of a cold- active polygalacturonase from Tetracladium sp
    Carrasco M., Rozas J. M., Alcaíno J., Cifuentes V., Baeza M.
    Microb. Cell. Fact. 18: 45 (2019)
  4. Yeast Thriving in Cold Terrestrial Habitats: Biodiversity and Industrial and Biotechnologial Applications”  
    Baeza M., Flores O., Alcaíno J., Cifuentes V.
    Cham (Springer). Título del Libro: “Fungi in Extreme Environments: Ecological Role and Biotechnological Significance” ISBN: 253 – 268 (2019)
  5. Seabird and pinniped shape soil bacterial communities of their settlements in Cape Shirreff, Antarctica
    Ramírez-Fernández L., Trefault N., Carú M., Orlando J.
    PLoS ONE 14(1): e0209887 (2019)

Ecología acuática y ecosistemas

  1. Impacts of reduced inorganic N:P ratio on three distinct plankton communities in the Humboldt upwelling system
    Spilling K., Camarena Gómez M. T., Lipsewers T., Martinez Varela A., Díaz Rosas F., Eronen Rasimus E., Silva N., von Dassow P., Montecino V.
    Marine Biology 166: 114 (2019)
  2. Ocean circulation along the southern Chile transition región (38°-46°): Mean, seasonal and interannual variability, with a focus on 2014-2016
    Strub T., James C., Montecino V., Rutllant J. A., Blanco J. L.
    Progress in Oceanography. 172: 159 - 198 (2019)
  3. Embryological development of the high altutude killifish Orestias asotanensis Parenti 1984 (Teleostei; Cyprinodontidae)
    Macaya C., Lam N., Vila I.
    Environ Biol Fish 102, 675 – 684 (2019)

Botánica y Paleobotánica

  1. Sueria laxinervis, a new fossil species of Cycadales from the Upper Cretaceous Quiriquina Formation in Cocholgue, Biobio Region, Chile
    Yamada T., Yamada T. F., Terada K., Ohsawa T. A., Yabe A., Legrand J., Uemura K., Leppe M.,  Hinojosa L. F., Lopez-Sepulveda P., Nishida H.
    Phytotaxa. 402 (2): 126 – 130 (2019)
  2. An Oligocene microthermal forest dominated by Nothofagus in Sierra Baguales, Chilean Patagonia: Plant response to global cooling and tectonic events
    Gutiérrez N. M., Pino, J. P., Le Roux J. P., Pedroza V., Oyarzun J. L.,  Hinojosa L. F.
    Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. Volume: 528 Pages: 1 – 13 (2019)
  3. Genetic and phenotypic diversity in 2000 years old maize (Zea mays L.) samples from the Tarapacá region, Atacama Desert, Chile
    Vidal-Elgueta A., Hinojosa L. F., Perez M. F., Peralta G., Rodriguez M. U.
    PLoS ONE 14(1): e0210369 (2019)
  4. Ovule bet-hedging at high elevation in the South American Andes: Evidence from a phylogenetically controlled multispecies study
    Arroyo M. T. K., Perez F., Jara-Arancio P., Pacheco D., Vidal P., Flores M. F.
    Journal of Ecology. 10782): 668 - 683 (2019)
  5. Molecular phylogeny of the large South American genus Eriosyce (Notocacteae, Cactaceae): Generic delimitation and proposed changes in infrageneric and species ranks
    Guerrero P. C., Walter H. E., Arroyo M. T. K., Peña C., Tamburrino I., De Benedictis M., Larridon I.
    Taxon. 68(3): 557 - 573 (2019)
  6. Geohistorical records of the Anthropocene in Chile
    Gayo E. M., McRostie V. B., Campbell R., Flores C., Maldonado A., Uribe-Rodriguez M., Moreno P. I., Santoro C. M., Christie D. A., Muñoz A. A., Gallardo L.
    Elem. Sci. Anth. 7: 15 (2019)
  7. A 15,400-year long record of vegetation, fire-regime, and climate changes from the northern Patagonian Andes
    Jara I. A., Moreno P. I., Alloway B. V., Newnham R. M.
    Quaternary Science Reviews 226, 106005. (2019)
  8. Early arboreal colonization, postglacial resilience of deciduous Nothofagus forests, and the Southern Westerly Wind influence in central-east Andean Patagonia
    Moreno P. I., Simi E., Villa-Martínez R. P., Vilanova I.
    Quaternary Science Reviews. 218, 61 - 74 (2019)
  9. Holocene glacier fluctuations in Patagonia are modulated by summer insolation intensity and paced by Southern Annular Mode-like variability
    Reynhout S. A., Sagredo E. A., Kaplan M. R., Aravena J. C., Martini M. A., Moreno P. I., Rojas M., Schwartz R., Schaefer J. M.
    Quaternary Science Reviews. 220, 178 – 187 (2019)
  10. The last glacial termination in the Coyhaique sector of central Patagonia
    Vilanova I., Moreno P. I., Miranda C. G., Villa-Martínez R. P.
    Quaternary Science Reviews 224, 105976 (2019)

Modelación ecológica

  1. Social-ecological systems of Latin America: Complexities and Challenges
    Delgado L. E., Marín V. H.
    Book Springer Nature Switzerland AG. (2019)