Publicaciones académicas del Departamento de Física

Física atómica y molecular

  1. Reactivity of Carbon Molecular Clusters from a Huckel-Type Model
    Cedillo A., Cárdenas C.
    J. Phys. Chem. A 123 (40), 8696 - 8701 (2019)
  2. Hematene: a 2D magnetic material in van der Waals or no-van del Waals heterostructures
    González R. I., Mella J., Díaz P., Allende S., Vogel E. E., Cárdenas C., Muñoz F.
    2D Mater. 6 (4), 045002 (2019)
  3.  Aspects of electronic bonding under pressure: electron localization in symmetric double well model
    Novoa T., Contreras-García J., Fuentealba P., Cárdenas C.
    J. Chem. Phys., 150(20), 204304 (2019)
  4. Molecular simulations of carbon allotropes in processes with creation and destruction of chemical bonds
    Tangarife E., González R. I., Cárdenas C., Bringa E. M., Muñoz F.
    Carbon 144, 177 - 184 (2019)
  5. Theoretical analysis of the adsorption of ammonia-borane and their dehydrogenation products on the (001) surface of TiC and ZrC
    Echeverri A., Cárdenas C., Calatayud M., Hadad C. Z., Gómez T.
    Surf. Sci. 680, 95 - 106 (2019)
  6. Electron Localization Function in Excited States: The Case of the Ultrafast Proton Transfer of the Salicylidene Methylamine
    Maulén S., Echeverri A., Gómez T., Fuentealba P., Cárdenas C.
    J. of chemical theory and computation 15 (10), 5532 - 5542 (2019)
  7. Interaction of nitroxide Radicals with an Au8 Nanostructure: Theoretical and Calorimetric Studies
    Aliaga C., Fuentealba P., Muñoz F., Pastenes C., Rezende M. C., Spodine E., Cárdenas C.
    J. Phys. Chem. C 123 (35), 21713 - 21720 (2019)
  8. The Pauli principle and the confinement of electron pairs in a double well: aspects of electronic bonding under pressure
    Novoa T., Contreras-García J., Fuentealba P., Cárdenas C.
    J. Chem. Phys. 150 (20), 204304 (2019)
  9. Formation of complex organic molecules in ice mantles: an ab initio molecular dynamics study
    Inostroza N., Mardones D., Cernicharo J., Zinnecker H., Ge J. X., Aria N., Fuentealba P., Cárdenas C.
    Astronomy & Astrophysics. 629(a28), 6 (2019)

Física de plasma

  1. Speeding up maximum population transfer in periodically driven multi-level quantum systems
    Carrasco S., Rogan J., Valdivia J. A.
    Sci. Rep. 9, 16270 (2019)
  2. Modeling interacting city traffic with finite acceleration and braking capacities
    Medina R. O., Rogan J., Ramirez M., Toledo B. A., Valdivia J. A.
    Chaos. 29, 093136 (2019)
  3. Unpredictability in Pedestrian Flow: the impact of stochasticity and anxiety in the event of an emergency
    Ramirez M., Torres F., Toledo B. A., Coello M., Correa-Burrows P., Rogan J., Valdivia J. A.
    Phys. A, 531, 121742 (2019)
  4. “Thermal Stability of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles: Role of Oxygen Concentration
    Ramírez M., González R. I., Baltazar S. E., Rojaz-Nunez J., Allende S., Valdivia J. A., Rogan J., Kiwi M., Valencia F. J.
    Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, 6, 1701 – 1706, DOI: 10.1039/c8qi01398e (2019)
  5. Multi-satellite analysis of plasma pressure in the inner magnetosphere during the 1 June 2013 geomagnetic storm
    Stepanova M., Antonova E. E., Moya P. S., Pinto V. A., Valdivia J. A.
    J. of Geophysical Research, 124, 1187 - 1202 (2019)
  6. Decay of  Ultrarelativistic Remnant Belt Electrons Through Scattering by Plasmaspheric Hiss
    Pinto V. A., Mourenas D., Bortnik J., Zhang X. J., Artemyev A. V., Moya P. S., Lyons L. R.
    J. of Geophysical Research-Space Physics. 124(7), 5222 - 5233(2019)
  7. The contribution of magnetic monopoles to the ponderomotive force
    Asenjo F. A., Moya P. S.
    J. Phys. A: mathematical and Theoretical. 52, 25 (2019)
  8. Particle-in-cell Simulation of Firehose Instability Driven by Bi-Kappa Electrons
    López R. A., Lazar M., Shaaban S. M., Poedts S., Yoon P .H., Vinas A. F., Moya P. S.
    Astrophysical Journal Letters. 873, 2 (2019)

Física de relatividad y teoría de campo

  1. Quantum Cosmologies Under Geometrical Unification of Gravity and Dark Energy
    Rubio C. A., Asenjo F. A., Hojman S. A.
    Symmetry-Basel. 11(7), 860 (2019)
  2. Correspondence between dark energy quantum cosmology and Maxwell equations
    Asenjo F. A., Hojman S. A.
    European Physical Journal C. 79(9) (2019)
  3. Geometrical unification of gravitation and electromagnetism
    Hojman S. A.
    European Physical Journal Plus. 134(10): 1 - 8 (2019)

Física de materia condensada

  1. “Long-term vs. Recent-onset obesity: their contribution to cardiometabolic risk in adolescence”
    Correa-Burrows P., Rogan J., Cheng E., Blanco E., Gahaga S.
    Ped. Res., 86(3), 776 – 782 (2019)
  2. Sexual Dimorphism in the Association of BMI Trajectory From Birth to Early Adulthood With Cardiometabolic Risk in Adulthood: An Approach Using Dynamic Programming
    Correa-Burrows P., Rogan J., Bunout D., Barrera G., Blanco E., Gahagan S., Burrows R.
    Hormone Research in Paediatrics., 92:, 3 – 4 (2019)
  3. BMI Trajectory from Birth to Adulthood and Its Association with Pancreatic Beta-Cell Function in Early Adulthood
    Burrows R., Correa-Burrows R., Rogan J., Blanco E., Gahagan S.
    Hormone Research in Paediatrics., 92:, 18 – 19 (2019)
  4. BMI Throughout the Life-Course and Its Relation with Cardiometabolic Disorders in Early Adulthood: Results from the Santiago Longitudinal Study
    Burrows R., Correa-Burrows R., Rogan J., Blanco E., Gahagan S.
    Hormone Research in Paediatrics., 92:, 26 (2019)
  5. “Emergence of Tsallis statistics as a consequence of invariance”
    Davis S., Gutiérrez G.
    Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 533, 122031 (2019)
  6. “Asymmetrical vibrational energy propagation through double or single bonds of small organic molecules. An ab-initio molecular dynamics study”
    Miño-Galaz G., Gonzalez J. M., Staforelli J. P., Gutierrez G.
    Chem. Phys. Letters 730, 220 - 226 (2019)
  7. “Extended correlations in the critical superheated solid”
    Olguin-Arias., Davis S., Gutierrez G.
    J. Chem. Phys. 151, 064507 (2019)
  8. “Enhancement of mechanical properties of metallic glass nanolaminates via martensitic transformation: Atomistic deformation mechanism”
    Amigo N., Sepulveda-Macias M., Gutierrez G.
    Materials Chemistry and Physics. 225, 159 - 168 (2019)
  9. Effect of double or single bonding in CH stretching signal propagation in organic molecules. A computational study
    Miño-Galaz G., Staforelli J. P., Gutierrez G.
    Chem. Phys. Letters. 714, 178 - 184 (2019)
  10. Energetics and Electronic Properties of Interstitial Chlorine in CdTe
    Orellana W., Menéndez-Proupin E., Flores M. A.
    Phys. Status Solidi B 256, 1800219 (2019)
  11. Symmetry and thermodynamics of tellurium vacancies in cadmium telluride
    Menéndez-Proupin E., Casanova-Páez M., Montero-Alejo A. L., Flores M. A., Orellana W.
    Phys. B: Physics of Condensed Matter. Physica B 568, 81 (2019)
  12. Erratum to Nonhydrogenic exciton spectrum in perovskite CH3NH3$PbI3 (Phys. Status Solidi RRL 9, 559–563 (2015)”   
    Menéndez-Proupin E., Beltrán Ríos C. L., Wahnón P.
    Phys. Status Solidi RRL 13, 1900075 (2019)
  13. Self-compensation in chlorine doped CdTe
    Orellana W., Menéndez-Proupin E., Flores M. A.
    Sci. Rep. 9, 9194 (2019)
  14. Nonhydrogenic Exciton Spectrum in Perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 (vol 9, pg 559, 2015)
    Menendez-Proupin E., Rios C. L. B., Wahnon P., Tempelaar R.
    Phys. Status Solidi RRL. 13(5), 1900075 (2019)
  15. Electronic structure of first and second row atoms under harmonic confinement
    Robles‐Navarro A., Fuentealba P., Muñoz F., Cárdenas C.
    International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 120(7), e26132. (2019)
  16. PyProcar: A Python library for electronic structure pre/post-processing
    Herath U., Tavadze P., He X., Bousquet E., Singh S., Muñoz F., Romero A. H.
    Computer Physics Communications, 107080 (2019)
  17. Strain to alter the covalency and superconductivity in transition metal diborides
    Zhai H., Munoz F., Alexandrova A. N.
    J. Mater. Chem. C. 7(34), 10700 – 10707 (2019)
  18. First-principles study of Ni adatom migration on graphene with vacancies
    Hernández-Vázquez E. E., Muñoz F., López-Moreno S., & Morán-López J. L.
    RSC advances, 9(33), 18823 - 18834 (2019)

Óptica no-lineal

  1. Linear impurity modes in an electrical lattice: Theory and Experiment
    Molina M. I., English L. Q., Chang M. H., Kevrekidis P. G.
    Phys. Rev. E 100, 062114 (2019)
  2. Nonlinear modes in optical lattices with a single linear impurity
    Mejia-Cortes C., Cardona Gomez J. C., Sukhorukov A. A., Molina M. I.
    Phys. Rev. E 100, 042214 (2019)
  3. Computing areas and integrals with random numbers” 
    Molina M. I.
    Phys. Ed. 54, 055031 (2019)